A Place of Refuge, Reconciliation and Restoration

At Mercy Seat Ministries, we extend a heartfelt welcome to you. Our mission is to provide a haven where hearts are healed, lives are transformed, and souls are reconciled. We believe that in the presence of God, all things are made new. Join us on this journey of faith, hope, and restoration.

Sunday Morning Worship Service

Experience a blend of inspiring worship and empowering teachings that fuel your spiritual journey.

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Wednesday Night Bible Study

Experience a blend of inspiring worship and empowering teachings that fuel your spiritual journey.

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About Mercy Seat Ministries

Discover Our Vision of Healing and Hope

Mercy Seat Ministries is a sanctuary of restoration, a refuge of healing, and a haven of reconciliation. Our mission is to bring people together in the presence of God, where shattered lives find renewal, the wounded discover solace, and hearts are reconciled. Learn more about our passion, our purpose, and our commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we touch.

From the Pastor

Uplifting Your Journey with God's Grace

Welcome to this reflective exploration of the profound significance of the Mercy Seat. Our understanding of the Mercy Seat is deeply rooted in biblical history and spiritual symbolism, resonating with our mission at Mercy Seat Ministries—a place of refuge, restoration, and reconciliation.

Our Mission

To be a place of refuge, reconciliation and restoration to those who are lost in sin, separated from God, broken and wounded. Once restored, our continued mission is to equip, motivate and mobilize the church towards the higher call of God.

Our Vision

Where God meets man at his greatest need. Ex. 25:22

Why Mercy Seat?

Delve into the historical and spiritual context that illustrates how the Mercy Seat bridges the gap between humanity and a loving God. Explore why this sacred concept serves as the foundation of our ministry’s vision and mission.


A safe place for those healing from past abuse; a place of development for the unchurched; and a resting place for the religious and denomination weary.


A place where differences are resolved and compassion flows toward repentance and forgiveness.


A place where shattered lives are restored and fortified by washing of regeneration in the Word and renewal by the Holy Spirit.